Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Many people ask questions to understand the benefits of past life regression with a Certified Soul Regression Therapy Practitioner. Below we have outlined a few and will keep on adding as they come up, hoping to answer all your questions and take advantage of this wonderful experience. By visiting your past to understand your present and live life to its fullest.

Yes this session is ideal for that, as I guide you back to a past life then up to the spirit realms, you will be your true higher self, meet your spirit guides and masters which will give the opportunity to ask questions that you have pre-written. You will be pointed in the right direction.

Soul Regression Therapy is unlike your usual therapy sessions. Modern medicine focuses on reducing the symptoms of poor mental and physical health, but it doesn’t always search deep into the individuals subconscious mind, which is often the root of where those issues have developed. Through a Past Life Regression Therapy session guided by your Certified Soul Regression Therapy Practitioner, you can access the knowledge hidden in your subconscious mind and revisit what your soul already knows by connecting to your higher self.

These negative feelings weaken the immune system and need to be dealt with in order to live more freely. Often you will find your fears, anxieties and depression began from previous lives and those feelings were brought forward, for e.g.: someone that may have drowned from a previous life, may have a fear of water in this present life. There is no way of knowing this unless you explore your past lives. Once you have seen it and realise those emotions are not relevant to your present life, they will start to dissolve, and you will feel free, happier and healthier in life and work.

Whether you are spiritual or not this is the most beautiful experience you will ever go through. You will see and believe in the higher power whether you choose to call them your spirit guides, masters or God, which will be entirely up to you. You will understand the concept of life, death, reincarnation and karma. It’s a real game changer.  Earth is changing its vibration and frequency and preparing to rise into a new dimension, this shift is causing many people to wake up to the realization that there is more to who they thought they are and life is not what they have been conditioned to believe it was.

This experience will be a fun way to get to know yourself better and to know where you have been. Through curiosity come wisdom which can be applied to all areas of your life.

Lack of confidence is something that may have stemmed from a previous life but also if you go into a successful past life, we can tap into those feelings, skills and gifts, know that you have done it before and you can do it again, feeling confident and empowered. 

Many people feel this because they are scared of the unknown and they may have died young in a previous life which has absolutely nothing to do with your present life. By seeing the full circle on how your soul travels, you will see your sole is eternal and never dies, you will shift your perspective from one of anxiety and fear, to one of freedom and peace.

It is hard to answer this with just one paragraph but basically in short, I use therapeutic hypnosis to see past lives because it allows the conscious mind to relax, moves aside temporarily and allows the much more superior subconscious mind to open and assist you in what you want to see, solve and achieve. The subconscious mind is approx. 90% of your mind. This part of the mind is like a computer, but is far more superior to any computer yet created and plays many different roles in your life. The Subconscious mind is concerned with dreaming, reflecting, sleeping, emotions, Self preservation mechanism, permanent memory, habits, addictions fears and trauma. The conscious mind is only 10 to 18% of the mind and is the part associated with the waking state , it contains the short-term memory. Our conscious mind is very limited and seems only able to keep track of 7 bits of information at one time. There is plenty of evidence, studies and have been proved over hundreds of years that the memories are forgotten by the conscious mind but are stored neurologically in the brain where they still affect us.

Feels wonderful and no you can not get stuck.

Let’s set aside any pre-conceived ideas you may have about what it’s really like. It is not all about losing control and clucking like a chicken as seen on stage. Hypnosis is not sleep, it is not losing control or your will, it is a natural wave cycle or state that your mind enters every day even sometimes when you are driving, it is a natural state of mind.  We all have had these natural states many times already, which is hypnosis. Hypnosis happens when you get lost in a piece of music, a good book, a movie, a T.V program where you are so focused that nothing else around you is noticed, day dreaming is also an altered state hypnosis, the altered state of consciousness that you experience during Soul Regression Therapy is exactly the same as daydreaming and is totally natural.

During your therapeutic hypnotic past life regression session, I will simple utilize this very natural daydreaming state and guide you deeper into it, this is hypnosis. Just like daydreaming you will be aware of your surroundings… but it will be as if you don’t care or are simply not paying much attention to your environment at that moment. You will be totally aware throughout the session. You won’t be asleep or unconscious, this is not hypnosis. Your body may feel relaxed, but your mind will be aware. 

This is a very important question,  The whole idea of having this session is to come out of it free and happy, this is my main focus, to heal and use interventions and dissolve issues. Having a hypnotherapist that knows how to do this is an absolute must!!

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