Soul Regression Therapy® is an opportunity to dive deep into your subconscious mind, accessing long forgotten or suppressed memories with the intent of understanding present life issues. Soul Regression Therapy is unlike your usual therapy session, it’s a more unique way to discover and break toxic patterns that hold you back in your current life from living to your fullest potential. These insights can allow you to continue your current life with a deeper understanding of your souls purpose and strengths and can expand your consciousness about how the Universe works.

Your Certified Soul Regression Therapist will ease you into a calm, deep meditative state where you will be able to think in a clearer head space, so that you can take a journey into the memories of your past lives stored in your subconscious mind. As you tap into your past lives, you might discover that you may have been man or woman, poor or rich and even born in various countries and into different religions. You will also truly understand the concept of birth, death, reincarnation and karma. Through revisiting your past lives, you can gain the reasoning of why you have irrational fears, self-sabotaging tendencies, certain behavioural patterns and emotional and mental issues that your soul has carried into your current life. Once you are aware of the recurring negative habits and blocks, you will realise that they are usually irrelevant to your current life, yet still influencing your decision making. Allow yourself to move forward and leave them behind with a restored inner peace and deeper sense of knowing your souls purpose.

Through this insightful trip down memory lane, you’ll be encouraged to make the right and necessary decisions that are most relevant to your current life’s journey. You can develop a new awareness of your strengths and abilities, allowing you to embody your higher self. You may even connect to the spirit realm, where you can receive guidance and answers to your questions from the Angels, Masters, Past loved one and your Spirit Guides. You will leave your successful Soul Regression Therapy session with a brand-new perception, transforming the way you view the world, enabling you to see yourself in a new light. Stress related illnesses are better avoided through prevention, so with release the trauma connected to your past life you can move forward with the freedom of living in the now. You will realise that you can stop looking for answers, because everything you need to know is already within you.

Your Certified Soul Regression Therapist

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