Hypnotherapy is truly amazing! It covers many issues, emotional and physical. The main two categories are Clinical and Spiritual.

The Clinical side of hypnotherapy focuses on your present life, to quit something negative or enhance the positive. During our pre talk I will gather all the information needed to custom make a session for a powerful result, then with some deep breathing you will be placed in a nice relaxed mood, the conscious mind will relax with various therapeutic visuals and allow the greater part of the mind, the Sub-Conscious mind to come forward and be fully alert. The Sub-Conscious mind is what holds onto habits,  some call it the “auto pilot.” Once we tap into the greater mind, we discuss the changes needed and add positive suggestions. You will find a tremendous shift and sense of confidence. 

The most important part of a session in order to get the long term results is to regress to when that issue or blockage first started, find the core and the underlining reasons. I will then use the appropriate clearing intervention needed to clear negative feelings associated with it and let it be nothing but a memory without the negative emotional charge or blockage. You will feel amazing and ready to take charge of your life, move forward with confidence and calmness.

Many clients like to go further and wish to see if they have carried over habits, fears and blockages from a previous life as well, that is where the Spiritual side of hypnotherapy comes in. We are not just flesh, blood and bones, we have a soul. Click onto the Tab above to read about [Past Life and After Life] if you are interested in getting to know more about your soul, where you were and where you are going next. 

A little about me –

My name is Natasha, I have attained a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, I have help many people with an endless list of issues, some of the more common ones are stop smoking, alcohol, anger control, gambling, stress, anxiety, depression, fear, weight loss, pain management…   and many more including enhancing positive things you may wish to build on.

My Passion to help people continued to further study and now qualified as a Master Hypnotherapist, this thoroughly cover areas like Inner Child Therapy, Age Regression Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Healing Intervention and future Pacing.

I have specialised in Past Life Regression and Life Between lives. I’m also very proud to say I’m a Certified Soul Regression Therapy Practitioner! My intensive training in this area is also what has given me the advantage in the clinical side of things. This field has been the most amazing journey I have ever been on. I have explained the process and more details in my other page,  to see click the above tab [Past Life and After Life].

As a hypnotherapist, I am always striving to learn more about the amazing subconscious mind and all it holds, which has led me to meet and train with the greatest in my field from all around the country and world. I have been spiritual from very young but I am also heavily analytical, hence why I had to not only listen to my heart and beliefs, I had to also satisfy my analytical mind with the science and evidence to back everything up. I now have the tools and the passion to share with everyone, so we can all live life to its fullest, with understanding, freedom, happiness and love!

My aim is to firstly help my clients achieve results and leave them with a strong sense of confidence, motivation, clearer more positive life direction and an overall feeling of happiness.

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